Achelous - River god.
Adonis - Beautiful youth loved by Aphrodite.
Adraste - Goddess of Destiny.
Andromeda - Princess of Joppa.
Aphrodite - Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure.
Apollo - Sun God.
Ares - God of War.
Artemis - Moon goddess, Virgin huntress goddess.
Astraea - Roman goddess of Justice.
Athena - Goddess of wisdom and warfare.
Atlanta - Heroine of the Caledonian boar hunt.
Atlas - Titan who carries the heavens on his shoulders.
Cadmos - Builder of the city of Thebes.
Callisto - Mistress of Zeus.Atlanta - Heroine of the Caledonian boar hunt.
Cadmos - Builder of the city of Thebes.
Callisto - Mistress of Zeus.
Cassiopeia - Mother of Andromeda.
Castor - (and his twin brother Pollux) Sons of Zeus.
Charon - He who ferries the dead across the River Styx.
Circe - Enchantress, mistress of magic & herbs.
Cronus - Titan, God of Time.
Delphi Oracle - Sanctuary of Apollo where the priestess gave prophecy.
Demeter - Goddess of Agriculture.
Diana - Another name for Artemis.
Dionysus - God of Wine, Revelry and Ecstacy.
Electra - She and her brother, Orestes, killed their mother to avenge their father Agamemnon.
Erebus - Son of Darkness and Chaos.
Eros - God of passionate love.
Europa - Mistress of Zeus.
Evenor - Grandmother of the twins who ruled Atlantis.
Hades - King of the Underworld.
Harmonia - Mother of the Amazons.
Helios - Another name for Apollo.
Hephaestos - God of Fire and Smithcraft.
Hera - Mistress of Gods and Heaven.
Hercules - Legendary hero of enormous strength.
Hermes - Messenger of the gods.
Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth.
Hyperion - Another name for Apollo Helios.
Hypnos - God of Sleep.
Isis - Goddess of the rainbow, messenger of the gods.
Ladon - The dragon that guarded the apples of the Hesperides, the garden owned by Atlas.
Medea - Powerful enchantress.
Medusa - One of the three gorgons.
Minos - King of Crete.
Morpheus - God of dreams.
Nemesis - Goddess of Vengeance.
Orion - Legendary hero and hunter.
Pan - God of flocks and herds, forests and wild life, patron of shepherds and hunters.
Pandora - Curios mortal who released all the troubles of the world.
Pegasus - Magical winged horse.
Persephone - Daughter of Demeter, Queen of the Underworld.
Perseus - Hero, slayer of Medusa.
Phoebe - Titan, first moon goddess before Artemis.
Poseidon - Great god of the sea, brother of Zeus.
Prometheus - Defied the gods to give fire to mankind.
Psyche - Name means “soul”.
Rhea - Titan earth goddess.
Sappho - Lyric poetess.
Satyrs - Attendants of Dionysus (some say of Pan).
Selene - Another name for Artemis.
Triton - Son of Poseidon.
Ulysses (Roman form of Odyssus) - Hero designer of the Trojan horse.
Zeus - Ruler of Heaven and Earth of all the Gods and all Humankind.








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