Allies - Allies - Draw & awaken to your animal spirit guides.
Ant Spirit - Community, Industry and Order.
Badger - the ability to go ones own path and to fiercely defend oneself should the need arise.
Bat Spirit - Transformation through inner vision and strength.
Bear Spirit - Strength through spiritual Attunement.
Beaver - his work not only serves his own family but the community of all creatures.
Bee Spirit - Fertility, Industry and Sweetness.
Blue Heron - symbolizes the balance between wisdom and experience.
Buffalo Dancer - Draw abundance of life and heart.
Buffalo Spirit - Buffalo Spirit - Prayer and abundance come as a result of oneness with the earth and the flow of life.
Butterfly Spirit - Transformation into Beauty.
Cat Spirit - Elegant grace, Independence and Self-reliance.
Cock - Peace and prosperity do not come easy but they are self assured, resourceful and talented.
Cougar Spirit - Visionary leadership of the spiritual, mystical cat, march to the beat of your own drummer.
Coyote Spirit - The Trickster, he plays tricks that teach us about our most basic shortcomings.
Cricket - brings the ability to leap out of danger into more successful situations.
Crocodile - teaches the ability to nurture and protect the young until they can fend for themselves.
Crow Spirit - Crow Spirit - Keeper of the sacred law, shapechanger; knower of the ancient wisdom, omen of change.
Deer Spirit – Clarity, Gentleness, Strength and Serenity. Acceptance of Change.
Dog Spirit - Loyalty and Protectiveness.
Dolphin Spirit - Joyful ocean spirit of love, peace and play, at one with the sun and waves.
Dragonfly Spirit - Strength from Mental and Emotional Realms.
Dream Catcher - Catches dreams as they come from the spirit world.
Eagle Spirit - Spirit messenger from Great Spirit.
Eagle Woman - Her visions to bring to her people and strength to do great things.
Eagle’s Flight - Eagle’s Flight - Brings the wisdom of the Great Spirit to the people.
Elk Spirit - Endurance, strength of heart.
Falcon - brings the ability to seek out advantages in any situation for the wings of change bring benefits.
Father Sky - He who shelters and protects his children, gives us sun and rain in season and time
Fire Dance - Dance of passion and power.
Fox Spirit - Invisibility, adaptability.
Frog - associated with fertility, rebirth and new beginnings in the cycles of physical change.
Great Spirit - Flowing consciousness that moves throughout all creation and all time.
Goose - Gives lessons of love of home and family of fidelity and parenthood.
Hawk Spirit - Hawk Spirit - Messenger form the spirit world.
Horse Spirit - Travel, Mobility and Speed.
Hummingbird Spirit - Healing through Inner Fire.
 Jaguar - represent the ability to move thru the darkest tangles to pursue it objectives with speed.
Lynx Spirit - Knower of secrets.
Medicine Man - Knower of animals and herbs.
Moon Dancer - Move with the flow of natural changes.
Mother Earth - Gave birth to all Creation, who loves and nurtures her children.
Northwind - Cooling wind of wisdom.
Otter Spirit - Joy and Laughter.
Owl Spirit - Spirit that finds truth seeing what others cannot see.Owl Spirit - Spirit that finds truth seeing what others cannot see.
Ox - they are self-sacrificing longsuffering, and hard working when they focus on a goal.
Pig - they are intelligent and social being able to root out the best in any situation.
Rabbit - teaches us that with speed and cleverness we can survive even dangerous situations.
Rat - they are energetic intellectual and able to manipulate any situation they are energetic intellectual and able to manipulate any situation to there advantage.
Raven Spirit - Spirit who flies between the worlds of the living and the world of the spirits.
Phoenix Fire Dancer - One who dances with fire for regeneration and rebirth.
Prairie Song - Feel the freedom and spiritual expansion of the wind as it blows through the sun warmed tall grasses - song of life and plenty.
Salmon - is the keeper of the wisdom of the ages. With determination of their instincts to overcome obstacles.
Shaman - Walks between the many worlds to learn and bring back magic and wisdom.
Shaman’s Dream - The message comes in the night, cryptic message to bring growth and illumination.
Shaman’s Journey - The seeking spirit travels into the underworld to bring back knowledge.
Shaman’s Vision - A message from spirit guides in answer to the Shaman’s quest.
Shape-Shifter - Magickally adaptable at will.
Sheep/Goat - they bound over obstacles with the ability to find fruitful ventures in a seemingly arid situation.
Smudge - Cleansing and purifying.
Snake Spirit - Spirit of regeneration and rebirth.
Spider Spirit - Weaver of dreams, weavers of worlds.
Spirit Dancer - Power and passion fill the heart with the rhythm of the flow of the universe.
Sundance - Opening the self to spirit.
Tirawa - Pawnee - The power that has ordered all things, gives all creatures everything they need.
Tiger - they are courageous and sensitive when dealing with young and are magnetic and lucky in ventures.
Turtle Spirit - Grounded and sturdy foundation.
Vision Quest - going within oneself to discover ones path and destiny.
Whale Spirit - Manifesting one’s dreams.
Woodpecker - teaches us about persistence and discrimination in pursuit of our goals.
Wolf Spirit - He is the teacher from the south on the medicine wheel. Wolf helps with the lessons of family life.








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