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Altar - To cleanse and consecrate the altar.
祭壇 - 祭壇を浄化するおよび奉納する。
Anointing - To anoint and bless the participants. Should be charged at full moon ceremony.

Banishing - To dispell and negative energies or entities.
取り除く - ネガティブなエネルギーや存在を取り除く。
Bewitched - Enhances spell worked on a person, place or thing.
魔法をかける(魅了する) - 人や場所や物に発揮される魔力を強化します。
Black Cat - To invoke the aid of a spirit helper or familiar.
黒猫 - スピリットヘルパーや親友の助けを請う。
Blessing - To conjure beneficial energy on the recipient.
祝福 - 受け取る人に有益なエネルギーを出現させる。
Ceremony Blessing - Invokes beneficial energy for a ritual ceremony.
儀式の祝福 - 儀式の為に有益なエネルギーを呼び起こす。
Circle - Sets and secures the circle of energy in the ritual.
輪 - 儀式でエネルギーの輪をセットし、確保します。
Commanding - To strengthen the command over energies and entities summoned in the ritual circle.
コマンド(命令) - 儀式の輪の中で呼び出されたエネルギーと存在へのコマンドを強化する。
Cone of Power - To strengthen, focus and enhance the ritually raised vortex of joined power.
力の円錐 - 儀式で発生した、結合し高められた力の渦を、強化し、フォーカスする。
Conjuration - To summon and bring about a magickal result; to stengthen and enhance energy as preparation for spell working.
呪文 - マジカルな結果を呼び出しもたらすために:呪文の作業の準備として、エネルギーを強化&増強します。
Coven - To bind and focus the energies of a group of individuals who come to contribute their powers to the magickal purpose of the ritual.
魔女の集会 - 儀式のマジカルな目的の為に集まった人々のエネルギーを集束しフォーカスする。
Evocation - To raise a specific quality of energy.
喚起 - エネルギーの特定の質を高める。
Flying - To assist in astral projection and travel.
空を飛ぶ - アストラルトラベルを助け、旅をする。
Grounding – to ground and balance energy in a ritual or in the participants.
グランディング - 参加者をグランディンスし、均衡を保つ。
Handfasting - bless and bind the joining of two individuals
婚約 - 二人の個人の結合を祝福し、結びつける。
High Priest/Priestess -To heighten the ability of the central individuals to gather and join the power of the participants for a magickal purpose. To balance the energy of one of those individuals should the other not be present.
高僧・尼僧 - 中心となる個人が、マジカルな目的の為に集まった人たちの力を集束し高めること。万が一他者がいない場合は、一人のエネルギーの平衡を保つ事。
Holy -To consecrate and bless ritual objects and space.
神聖 - 儀式の物とスペースを奉納し祝福する。
House Blessing – To seal and bless a house or room after it has been ritually cleansed.
家を祝福 - 儀式上の浄化の後、その家(或いは部屋)を神聖にし、閉じておく。
Initiation – To empower the journey of the initiate to gain strength, wisdom and power.
儀式 - 儀式の旅に、知恵、強さ、力の増加を与える。
Invocation -To call for a spirit, entity or energy.
Le Sorciere - Formula to enhance and magnify the powers of the spellworker.
Magician’s Oil - To draw forth and focus an individual power to do spellwork.
Master - To enhance and magnify the ability of the spell worker to summon and control energies.
Midnight Magick - Tap the energy of the most powerful magick hour.
Pagani - To evoke the spirit of the ancient country people who worshipped the old gods wildly and joyfully in the woods and hills.
Power - Enhances access to the participants strength and energies.
Purification - To remove negativity and inharmonious cibrations. Can be used with bath crystals.
Pre-Ritual - To cleanse and prepare the participants for the ritual. Can be used with bath crystals.
Sacred - To sanctify a person. object, space or place. Can be used with bath crystals.
Spell Binder - To confirm and anchor any magickal workings.
Uncrossing - To remove and negative spellwork set to bind an individual. Can be used with bath crystals.
Wiccaning - To formalize and celebrate the naming and dedicating of a baby.
Witch’s Oil - To strengthen and enhance the individual’s power for spellwork and psychic ability.
Witch’s Sight - To enhance psychic and magickal perception.
Wizard’s Oil - To enhance and strengthen the individual’s power to manipulate and manifest energy states.










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